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Harry Schnitzler

was born and raised in Munich, Germany. He is an award-winning composer, filmmaker and photographer.

After receiving a German Phono Academy prize for his musical works in the late 70’s, Harry spent most of the next decade in recording studios, ending up working with numerous stars such as Deep Purple, Robert Palmer, Limahl and Oscar-winning film composers James Horner and Giorgio Moroder.

In the late 80’s Harry started his own
production company at Bavaria Film Studios - the heart of the German film industry at that time - creating music and sound for films, commercials (Audi, BMW, Coca Cola, Ford, Kelloggs…) and TV series like “Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles” or “Cluedo”.

After the Berlin wall came down Harry relocated to the new capital to be part of the revitalization of the legendary Babelsberg studios – and Berlin’s emerging film industry. During this time he composed music for feature films like “Werner Volles Rohr”, “The Pirates of Tortuga” and the award winning TV series “Wildlife”, “Renaada” and “Simsalagrimm”, the latter being one of Germany’s internationally best selling TV series ever.

At the millennium, Harry moved to New York City and expanded into the visual world. With his avant-garde image films “I Love New York” and “I Love Munich” he created a unique visual language, called “intoxicating imagery” by the press. A large body of photographic work evolved through the collaboration with his wife
Yana Schnitzler, a choreographer, and the Artistic director of human kinetics movement arts. These works where published in magazines, newspapers and books, and traveled as exhibition throughout Europe and the US.

Fascinated by the cultural differences between the old and the new world, Harry initiated SNAPSHOT GERMANY – an annual exhibition project of German contemporary photography at the prestigious gallery of the New Yorker Art Directors Club in Midtown Manhattan in 2015 .